Mega-City One:
Peach Tree: The City Block Even The Judges Try to Avoid

It's the tallest building in the city, and its ominous reputation far exceeds its height.

The high crime rate throughout Mega-City One has created such a demand for additional judges that the Hall of Justice has even begun advertising on local news outlets in an effort to hire more recruits. Today we take a closer look at the problems plaguing Peach Tree as part of a series in which we highlight the dire situation in individual city-blocks.

Situated in Sector 13 North and standing at a whopping 200 stories high, Peach Tree is among the tallest city-blocks in Mega-City One, with a reputation for hostility that is beginning to exceed its impending stance.

Originally designed to hold a maximum of 75,000 inhabitants, unofficial estimates now put Peach Tree’s population closer to 100,000 or more. It’s not uncommon to see multiple families with up to ten children sharing apartments designed to hold a single household. Unemployment is rampant, as are the typical problems that impoverished neighborhoods attract like fleas to a dog: drugs, crime, and now more than ever, violence.